UIA - Utilities Intermediaries Association


What is the UIA?

The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) is a Trade Association for those Third Party Intermediaries (Tpis) facilitating energy purchasing contracts between supplier and consumer. Typically these organisations will be Consultants, or Brokers and their agents. It is an independent, not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee which is directed by its members and administered by its Directors.

The UIA will work with organisations within the energy industry, particularly Suppliers, to improve relationships and understanding.

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"The Utilities Intermediaries Association (UIA) will enhance the reputation of this sector of the industry and give confidence to those who seek to use their service. It will do this by producing and maintaining a register of Consultants and Brokers who meet and continue to meet the Associations requirements and agree and operate to the Code of Practice. It will maintain the processes whereby users of their services who become dissatisfied, can seek redress."

UIA is a member of the Trade Association Forum

Trade Association Forum

Becoming an accredited member


The route to full membership and accreditation is initially through Associate Membership and it is possible to obtain full membership in 6 months.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is open to organisations who normally:-

  • Have been in business as a Tpi (third party intermediary) for at least two years.
  • Can demonstrate that they have successfully completed several contracts for customers
  • Should demonstrate effective methods of seeking knowledge and training staff.
  • Should demonstrate a client base of at least five clients.

FULL MEMBERSHIP is open to organisations who:

  • have been an Associate Member for at least six (6) months;
  • can provide two (2) references from their customers and one (1) reference from their energy supplierscan demonstrate that their financial position is satisfactory;
  • have in place and operate Satisfactory Client Care Policies and Procedures;
  • have agreed to adhere to the Code of Practice.
  • is an individual or organisation that has dealings with a member
ANCILLARY MEMBERSHIP is open to organisations who:
  • are not a Third Party Intermediary but who are otherwise interested in the business of UIA. This is a supportive role particularly relevant to the likes of suppliers, meter operators etc.

Supplier Members

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