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A complaint will be considered by the UIA against a member if:

The complaint is made by a client and refers to an original issue which has arisen since the Tpi has been a member of the UIA.

The reason for the complaint will be based on one or both of the following:

  1. That the client has evidence that a breach of the contract / agreement between the client and the Member has occurred.
  2. That the client has evidence that a breach of the Code of Practice of the UIA has occurred.
Where a complaint does meet the criteria above but where the Member has not been given the opportunity to remedy the complaint then it will be returned to the client with the advise that they should make contact with the Member to resolve the issue.

Should a complaint be received by the UIA that refers to unresolved issues which do not meet the basic criteria above then the UIA will contact the Member and agree a course of action.

Where the consistent failure to deal adequately with general client complaints comes to the attention of the UIA then consideration will be given as to whether the UIA would bring a case of misconduct and once investigated and if proven the member could be subject to the UIA's Disciplinary Procedures.

Full copies of Disciplinary Procedure can be obtained on request.

If you have a complaint regarding a member please contact:

Compliance Director
PO Box 355
Tunbridge Wells

Complaints Outside Of UIA Membership

Any complaint about a Tpi who is not a member of the UIA, will be returned to the complainant with the advice that they should contact the relevant consumer body. Appropriate contact details for the consumer body will be included where possible.

Complaints Of A General Nature

UIA will consider taking up complaints regarding processes, organisations, or generic problems within the market place.

Complaints falling into these categories should be addressed to:

Administration Dept.
P.O. Box 355
Tunbridge Wells

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