UIA - Utilities Intermediaries Association


TPI Code of Practice

A TPI (third party Intermediary) is a consultant or broker who acts on behalf of a customer regarding part or all aspects of their energy supply.

The Utilities Intermediaries Associationís TPI Code of Practice is a complete set of standards that reputable TPIs measure up to when facilitating energy purchasing contracts between supplier and consumer. They manage such contracts in accordance with individual consumersí requirements. The UIA TPI Code of Practice deals with every aspect of a Tpis work, not just facilitating energy contracts and across the entire business energy sector from the very small to the very large.

Adherence to the UIAís TPI Code of Practice enhances the reputation of the UIA members and gives confidence to those who seek to use their service. It will enable any membersí customer who is dissatisfied to seek redress via an independent scheme that is free to the consumer using it.

Information on the TPI code of practice can be found by following this link

The UIA TPI Code of Practice works in a similar manner to the Energy Ombudsman Scheme and will deal with reported complaints. It does not rely on auditing members as, in our view, there is no audit that will identify all the various mis-selling scams that some brokers perpetrate. It is also an expensive process with little perceived benefit to the consumer. The UIAís TPI Code of Practice has been in being for six years and during that time there have been less than ten complaints that we have been asked to deal with in regard to signatories of the UIA's TPI Code of practice. This fact should give customers confidence in using any member listed at www.uia.org.uk/accreditation.php